About Us


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Pyramid Enterprises, LLC can manufacture your special requirements for your off-road vehicle, including bumpers, ladders and racks for tent assemblies.  We are eager to work with you to realize your vision of what you would like on your off-road vehicle. 


We work with a variety of suppliers to assist their efforts in making your off road experience fulfilling.   From tent supports to extra storage, we can find a solution and make it a reality.


Pyramid Enterprises was able to come up with a solution for my jeep in order to give me extra storage.


We are pleased to be working with Gold Dog tents for the off-road and camping enthusiasts to be able to place this high quality tent onto their vehicle . 


Custom Builds

Pyramid Enterprises LLC prides itself in communication with the customer to build what the customer imagines.  Allow us to take your imagination and make it reality!


Making Dreams Come Alive

There are many options available to the consumer, but all of these options are what THEY offer, and not necessarily what YOU want.  Drop around or give Pyramid Enterprises LLC a call to see how to bring your dream of an off-road experience into an actual experience.