Steel targets, Reactive and Static

Pyramid Enterprises LLC designs and builds forward falling poppers with an exclusive design.


Pyramid Enterprises, LLC manufacturers a variety of steel targets fabricated from AR (abrasion resistant) 500 plate.  This steel product is heat treated to produce   superior resistance to high velocity  impact, grinding and abrasion.   These targets fulfill USPSA requirements for competitors and clubs as well as for the casual shooting enthusiast. Purchase price is dependent upon market cost of raw material; however, we offer a discount to ranges and individuals based on quantity.

Advantages to PE's steel target systems differ depending on the target system you choose.


All poppers, whether a 28" or 42" USPSA or IPSC style poppers or Colt style, are forward falling. There are advantages to this system that are not available in a rear falling popper. 

1) Wind resistant - all the poppers are designed to lean slightly forward; the wind is unable to cause the popper to fall thus preventing re-shoots due to range equipment failure.

2) Calibration - the need to calibrate poppers is eliminated as the design of the activation mechanism is designed to fall with the lightest of loads. the need to constantly check and/or adjust poppers during a match, are all but eliminated, again preventing re-shoots due to range equipment failure.

3) Spatter/Ricochets - as the popper is leaning slightly forward, the shrapnel is directed downward into the ground thus preventing dangerous ricochets back towards the shooter, range officers or spectators. This is especially important if your range has restrictions to rounds leaving the range, as this popper all but eliminates the issue.

4) Interchangeable - whether you choose a popper style of either 28" or 42" USPSA style poppers, IPSC style poppers or Colt style, all the poppers use the same base and connection system which makes changing poppers quick and easy.

Knockdown Plates:

All knockdown plates, regardless of size or shape, lean slightly forward and have advantages that standard knockdown plates do not have.

1) Spatter/Ricochets - All plates lean slightly forward when struck the shrapnel is directed downward into the support plate, thus preventing dangerous ricochets back towards the shooter, range officers or spectators. All knockdown bases have an integral plate that prevents accidental shooting of the base which prevents re-shoots caused by range equipment failure.

2) Calibration - All plates have a calibration function which greatly enhances where and how the plates can be used.

3) Interchangeable - All plates are interchangeable using the same style of base. All knockdown plates are individual which means having another plate fall when another plate is shot is eliminated. Again, this is another major cause of range equipment failure which is eliminated. Bases can be ordered of different heights and an adjustable height base can be special ordered. 

The purchaser/user of any product purchased from Pyramid Enterprises, LLC recognizes the inherent possibility of injury and/or death involved with any shooting sport or leisure activity where shooting is present and accepts all liability and further understands they are wholly responsible for safety in distance from target, and firearm safety and Pyramid Enterprises, LLC accepts no liability for individuals, ranges, clubs or matches.  Steel is designed for handgun usage, 1500 FPS and lower. Steel is recommended to be a minimum of 10 yards from the shooter, steel is recommended to be shot straight on and not an angle which would cause unusual spatter or ricochet patterns. 


"The targets Frank built for The Rio range are awesome!  They are bullet proof, 100% reliable. "

Upcoming Promotion

Pyramid will be embarking on an advertising campaign shortly.  Check back soon for updates!


We are proud to announce our relationship with the Rio Salado Shooting Club in Mesa, Arizona has contracted Pyramid  to manufacturer a variety of steel targets specifically designed for the requirements of the range.  These include USPSA rules compliant plates and static plates for their renowned 'Tuesday Night Steel' matches.

We are currently manufacturing bullet traps for clubs for use in USPSA matches where shoot-throughs and ricochets pose a risk.